Trimester Four Wrap Up

So another trimester has been and gone, and I feel more fulfilled in my learning and growth as a professional than ever. This trimester I took on more projects than ever and it gave me valuable (and at times hard) lessons in time management, organisation and punctuality.

This trimester I started with the post production intensive. Our group chose to recreate all the audio from the Batman Begins trailer. This experience was a great toe-in-the-water to the ocean that is post production, and I am certainly looking forward to doing more of it next trimester. I came into this course predominately wanting to do live sound, that then changed to wanting to do studio production, and now I have my heart set on post. Whether I end up doing one or all of those things when the course is over, I'm confident in following the route of post production in future trimesters.

The next intensive my group did was live sound. I really enjoyed learning from the experienced Tim Dalton, and I feel like I have developed my skills under pressure. We put on two DJs, McNair and Klaps, and a main act psychedelic rock band AZTX (whom I recorded last year). I was happy at how the gig turned out, but slightly disappointed we weren't able to hold the early crowd's attention and most people left even before the main act came on.

Over about 5 weeks mid trimester, I recorded a Jazz band that frequently tour Berlin called Kodo Jazz Collective. I discovered them at Southern Cross Station one morning on my commute to uni and offered to record them. Recording a genre I had never done before using a studio I had scarcely used before was a challenge but myself and the band are very happy with the results. I had to build upon and utilise my problem solving skills when things went wrong as I was doing it all myself I had no one to rely on.

The third and final intensive I completed was studio production. I was again pleased with how this turned out, although wish we had a clearer direction we wanted to go and prepared more so we could make use of studio time more wisely. The song strayed from the original idea slightly but I was still happy with the result and received good feedback from peers.

The other post production project I worked on was the film OK Home. This was my first experience doing audio on a film from capturing sound on set to mixing. I really enjoyed working on this film, and it was undoubtedly my favourite project of the trimester. It proved a challenge at times, and I felt out of my depth but managed to pull through with a film that was well recieved by the crew and audiences. I did noticed upon watching it at exhibition night that some of the foley and SFX was out of sync and to that I credit Pro Tools' awful video engine!

The overarching project for this trimester was the podcast. Unfortunately this project got put on the back-burner a lot due to everyone in the group being busy with other projects, but I am still delighted with the result and think we answered the questions we set out to answer. I think if we had put more time into it, the podcast could have been a lot better.

Finally I worked on a short film for CIU211 which was a comedic infomercial tackling censorship. I enjoyed working on this as it allowed me to be creative and have some fun as it wasn't overly serious. I was very pleased at how well it was received by Ian Dixon and Tim Dalton and classmates.

I have learned and developed a lot of skill that I will carry over to the final two trimester and eventually my career. I made a lot of mistakes over the past thirteen weeks, but don't regret them as they have all taught me something valuable. A few examples would be losing an entire recording session teaching me to save and back up constantly, the experience recording the trumpet player for studio production teaching me session planning, management and artist communication, and our live sound gig teaching me not to put the pizza and beer out so early otherwise people will just consume it all and then leave before the band even comes on! (I kid).

I believe due to my undertaking of extra curricular projects, consistent effort put into everything I've worked on and ability to achieve all requirements on time, I deserve a distinction for this unit.

This trimester has been memorable and a great learning experience and I eagerly look forward to whats to come in the rest of the year.

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