Setbacks and the Calm Before the Storm

This week was a relatively normal week. In the AUS220 studio production class our plans to record trumpet were halted when the artist informed us he couldn't make it to the session. Instead we spent the time recording bass, vocals and further refining the arrangement of the song. This proved beneficial as we gained a better understanding how the track was going to come together.

We recorded the bass first having Stephan play in the control room, just DI-ing the bass into the Avalon preamp. This provided a warm and surprisingly good sound for a DI. We then recorded Izzy's vocals using a Neumann U87 in the recording space. She was able to capture the style of 50s swing vocals we were going for. She even wrote and adjusted some lyrics to better suit the theme and make the song more interesting.

This week my CIU211 group began production on our short film tackling the topic of censorship. We spent Friday filming the mock infomercial in the large Audient recording space. I was in charge of sound (obviously) but it turned out my task was incredibly easy as all the audio was captured on a lavaliere microphone taped to the actors face (which we chose to do to imitate the infamous ShamWow commercials). I instead assisted in other areas wherever possible and even made an appearance on screen in a few scenes.

I feel with this being week 10 it is the proverbial 'calm before the storm' as we approach the final weeks of the trimester and things go into the final stages of production. I think at this time it is crucial to keep on top of projects and not get overwhelmed as everything is due at once.

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