Mixing OK HOME

This week has been really intense as we approach the final days of trimester four. It became crunch time for a lot of projects namely the podcast and the OK HOME film.

Monday was our mix session for studio production. While I am happy with the final result, I think our group suffered a lot from what I'll call the 'too many cooks' effect. There is really only 3 roles to fill in a mixing session: Producer, Pro Tools engineer, and console engineer (often a single engineer can even do both of the latter roles) so attempting to include all six members of our group was difficult. It worked well however when we divided ourselves with some people staying to mix and other going into a lab to use Melodyne on the vocals. The process (and Clarky) forced me to think about why I was processing something and not just doing it for the sake of it. For example thinking about what I was trying to achieve by compressing the snare, rather than just doing it because you can, or because you have a preconceived idea that compressing a snare in any case will make it sound better.

I felt like the overall product of the intensive was a bit of a mish-mash of ideas which i"ll credit to the size of our group. We started out with the idea to produce an electro-swing track and while we did maintain the essence of that, it turned more into an electronic pop track.

Throughout the week we constantly attempted to get the mix for our podcast finished but we found it very difficult to get all our group members together in a studio as we all have our own individual projects that need attention. We managed to get all our interviews edited down and completed the narration. I am very happy how the podcast has turned out and can say I am proud of the result.

On the Friday, Stephan and I started the mixing and foley for the OK HOME film. The trimester three student working on the film, Adam Douglas McCormick, did an excellent job composing the score and I believe captured what the director and producers of the film were looking for. The three of us spent the session predominately recording any extra foley needed getting basic levels for everything. I took the project home and set up all the effects and reverbs over the weekend to prepare for our last mixing session next Tuesday.

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