Recording On Set

This past week I spent Friday and Saturday doing on set recording for a trimester 3 student film called OK HOME. The film is about an artificial intelligence home system similar to products like Google Home or Amazon Echo but much more advanced. The protagonist Sarah is a journalist that acquires one of the devices in oder to research it for a story aiming to expose its hidden agendas and ends up discovering she was more right than she had even imagined.

Filming took place in a modern home in various rooms. My role was to capture sound in all the scenes using boom and lapel microphones. I found using the lapel microphone difficult and struggled to get decent audio out of it so I only used it when booming simply wasn't an option due to the frame of the shot.

Both days filming were 12 hour shoots so I found the whole experience quite physically demanding especially having to hold the boom for long periods of time. The first day I found quite difficult from a technical perspective also as I had never done any on set recording so it took me some time to get used to the workflow and equipment.

Also this week we began work on our third and final intensive. The project is to turn a song that needs a lot of work into a demo that would potentially grab the attention of an industry executive. We chose to rework the song Distant Friend into an electro-swing track, combining elements of traditional swing music such as piano and horns with electronic beats and synthesisers.

We spent the first class generating ideas, critically listening to reference material and building a rough composition with electronic placeholder instruments in Ableton. We formed the entire track basically around a single recurring swing piano melody. We initially had issues with using Ableton with the Neve console, first with authorisation issues in Ableton and then the I/Os in Ableton not aligning with the inputs on the desk (i.e. input 16/17 in Ableton was actually 1/2 on the desk). The studio isn't really set up to use with Ableton effectively so we need to get all the electronic elements done in Ableton and then bounce them out and put them into Pro Tools when we do the recording of live instruments.

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