Live Sound Gig Recap

This past week we put together our gig for the live sound intensive and despite some difficulties we were all pleasantly surprised and satisfied with how it turned out.

Setting up for the day was very quick and painless as we had developed a thorough run sheet and everyone knew what they were doing. There was a lot of time left over to spend on the more aesthetic side of the setup which improved the look and feel of the night considerably. We ended up about an hour ahead of schedule and relaxed a bit more than we should have as there was a frantic 15 minutes before doors finishing off things that could have been done earlier.

I was happy with the turnout of the gig but quite disappointed when about 70 per cent of the people stayed for 20 minutes to drink all the free beer and eat the free pizza and then left before the main act.

The guitarist of our band AZTX was running late to the gig so we had to keep our first DJ on about another half hour which hurt us a bit in keeping people engaged and in the room. I think had we put the band on earlier, more people would have stayed longer. We did manage to round up a decent amount of people when the band finally came on and in the end they played to a respectable crowd.

Putting the second DJ in front of the stage and being able to close the curtains and pack up the stage while the show was still going was extremely handy as we were able to pack the remaining gear in about 20 minutes after the show finished.

AZTX were very happy with every aspect of the night and it was reaffirming to hear that they thoroughly enjoyed playing at the gig we set up.

We organised the night to be filmed as well as recorded so in the next week we aim to sync it up and create a video of the gig for the band.

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