Planning the Live Gig

This week my AUS220 group and I have spent a lot of time piecing together ideas and plans for our live gig on the 28th of March. We have confirmed our headlining act which will be Melbourne psychedelic/experimental rock band AZTX. If you've had a look at my website you'll know that late last year I recorded and mixed their forthcoming EP for themm so they were more than happy to come in a play a set in the promise of free beer and food.

Speaking of beer, we may have secured a sponsorship by Colonial Brewing Co which is a local brewery to SAE. It is still in talks but it sounds like the supplying of alcohol in return for us putting their name out there on our advertising for the gig is in the cards.

We are currently still organising our supporting acts, of which we are confident in putting on two. Members of the group are reaching out to live psychedelic electronic DJs in the hopes of securing a DJ slot before and after AZTX.

There is still a lot of planning to do, but constant discussion between the group is driving the project forward. We still need to organise catering, including snacks and non alcoholic beverages. We also need to further investigate using projectors to light up the back wall behind the stage and hopefully create a psychedelic atmosphere on the night to enhance the experience.

Given the structure of the room, it would be sensible to try to apply some acoustic treatment to avoid ugly slap-back reflections. We need to look into hanging absorption material on the walls.

Lastly before next week we aim to make headway into advertising, hopefully recruiting a graphic artists to do a cutting edge poster that we can promote the night with. At the moment, confirmation of the acts in holding us up but as soon as that is dealt with, we can steam ahead in planning.

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