Why I Absolutely Have To Meet Steve James

Opportunities like this rarely surface. Steve James, known for engineering The Sex Pistols, The Rutles, and the soundtrack to Life of Brian (the latter two earning him Grammy awards), is in town recording Australian pub rock act The Screaming Jets and an opportunity to attend one of his sessions has arisen courtesy of Tim Dalton.

I would be thrilled to be invited as I recognise the opportunity to interact with and learn from an audio professional with years of experience with high profile acts and accumulated knowledge would be a great learning experience for me (much like every class with Tim Dalton).

Not only will Steve's experience and expertise serve as a fantastic learning material for my own growth as an audio professional, but I would use the opportunity to hear what he has to say about the future of recording music and the current climate of recording studios in Australia and if possible record his response for our podcast. Given he has recorded in studios all over the world, and frequently in A Sharp Recording in Sydney, his knowledge of the industry would greatly add to the legitimacy of and the variety of perspectives covered in our podcast. I would love to have Steve's input in our Music Cities Convention podcast project.

This opportunity also holds the chance to see how a professional recording session operates, providing me with valuable knowledge for the future. I believe this experience will be insightful and highly beneficial to my education and growth as an audio engineer and producer.

In other news, this week I began the live sound intensive and we spent the lesson going over whats required of the main project to put on a gig and the signal flow of SAE's sound stage sound system. I am eager to use the Avid S3 as it looks like a beautifully streamlined and intuitive device despite its quirks. I enjoy the power and creative possibilities of digital systems and it will definitely be an advantage to us as we can set up templates and presets prior to the night. We plan to put on the band AZTX as well as two supporting acts, most likely another group and a DJ of similar genre/feel.

We aim to spend the coming week devising a project plan, tallying up costs and creating a runsheet for the night.

I am greatly looking forward to putting on this show as I am in need of some tangible live sound experience to open up more opportunities in the future.

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