Reverbs and Nerves

This week we wrapped up the recording and began mixing the Batman trailer project. A new technique or way of thinking made known to me through studying post production is using reverbs to create a virtual space, rather than just to make your mix sound more alive, or fuller. In mixing the trailer, we had to think about how each environment in the trailer would sound, and attempt to recreate that environment with reverb so that the foley we recorded sounds like it was captured in that location.

Convolution reverbs can make this process very simple. They are often created by recording the tail of reverb in a space right after a loud, sharp noise goes off. This tail is then either inserted into the program or analysed and used to create the algorithm for the reverb so that you can replicate (to a certain degree) what any kind of noise would sound like in that space. A few readily available examples of a convolution reverbs are the plugin Space, which is included with Pro Tools and Apple Space Designer which is bundled with Logic Pro.

Also this week we kicked off production on the podcast project. We've managed to secure interviews with owners of two recording studio to get their thoughts on our podcast topic. We aim to contrast this with interviewing DIY recording engineers and getting their view on making music outside of a studio. The first of our interviews is on the coming Monday so I spent the week refining the questions we are going to put to the interviewees.

In a few weeks I'm going to be recording some demos for a jazz band that frequently tours Germany. For this I am planning to record in the large Audient studio, as well as the Neve to make use of the grand piano. After meeting with the artist, we decided to record them live playing together (which, from what I've listened to, seems to be how many jazz bands are recorded) and then overdub certain elements as some band members play multiple instruments. Having never recorded this genre before and tackling recording horns for the first time, I am nervous about the results but confident I can use what I've learned and apply it to this real world situation.

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