Investigating New Things

My first week back at SAE for the year was one of learning new things and learning about the new things I'm going to learn at some point over the next 13 weeks. It is all very exciting and I am eager to start the year off with Post Production.

While I had some experience working on sound for film late last year with the film IMPACT. It was refreshing and exciting to begin the post production module and expand on ideas briefly touched on last year. My tutorial group is working on recreating the sound FX, dialogue (which I now know is called sync) and music in the trailer for Batman Begins.

We started with critically analysing the trailer and picking out key sounds that make up the biggest moments in the trailer. Obviously four weeks isn't nearly enough time to recreate every little piece of sound in the trailer so our aim is to make sure we get the moments with the most impact first and go from there.

A few of things we noted were that the sound effects and music have marriage in the trailer where they follow the same beat (almost tempo) nearly all the way through. This allows the music to reinforce the big sound effects and vice versa. We also listed the most iconic and memorable sounds/moments being the flapping and squeaking of the bats, the mechanical sounds of Batman assembling his gadgets and donning his suit, the roaring of the batmobile's engine and jet exhaust, and the whipping of Batman's cape as he soars towards the screen transitioning to the title card.

We started work on the project doing the sync (or dialogue) for the trailer using a Sennheiser MKH416. I have never used a shotgun microphone let along this particular one before and I was surprised at how crisp and dynamic the dialogue recordings were. With this microphone being the workhorse or SM57 of the post production world, I am excited to be using it a lot in the future.

All I can say after the first week of trimester four is I am very enthusiastic about everything I'm going to be working on this trimester and eager to begin another year of learning and growing my audio skills.

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