Planning a Film Soundtrack

For my final University project of the year I am collaborating with fellow student filmmakers to produce a soundtrack for a short film. The film is called IMPACT and is about a man struggling to support his pregnant fiance in a job that threatens his well-being. It focuses on him dealing with possible consequences leaving his job will have on his growing family.

The director wishes the film to have a soundscape of muffled tones in the beginning to convey uncertainty before slowly building to more intense music as the film reaches its climax. He wants most of the music be played on acoustic guitar and give off an unsettling and raw feeling, also the instrument reflects on the theme of pub culture present in the film.

One of the reference songs included in the directors treatment was 'The Mighty Rio Grande' by post rock group This Will Destroy You. I was happy to see this as I am a big fan of this band and post rock in general so I knew exactly what direction to head in creating the music for the film.

We have also been given a list of foley sounds we need to record.

Stephan and I will mostly write, perform and record all the material, however we may need to recruit someone to play acoustic guitar in the percussion style the director is after.

The production schedule is as follows:

Week 11: Write and record demos Week 12: Record tracks approved by director, record foley.

Week 13: Mix and edit for film.

Given that we only have three weeks to complete this project it is going to be an intensive workload, but I feel it will come together quite quickly towards the end.

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