'Australia' Remix I

For my remix project I am remixing the track Australia collaboratively produced by Adrian Eagle and the band His Wings. It is currently unreleased, but you can check out Adrian Eagle here. I have confirmed with the artist via the rocerding engineer of the song that a remix is permitted.

The electronic style I hope to achieve is chill house, as I think it would fit really well with the vocals and the overall feel of the song. Australia is a hip hop track that has a lot of vocal overdubs and a deep bass groove. I aim to utilise the bass either by inserting it into my remix as a loop or converting it to MIDI and replacing it with a synth bass to make it even deeper and fuller. I will create a sampled drum loop based off the drums in the original track but make adjustments to fit the style of the remix. The track also features a keyboard playing the main chords of the song, which I aim to include in the remix, perhaps supported by other artificial instruments I add. Finally for the electric guitar, which plays a minor role in the song, I will either do away with completely or include in an break section of the song where it becomes more stripped back so the guitar can come in with just the vocals.

The original track is two and a half minutes long so I will need to add extra sections to the song to fulfil the brief of the assignment.

I hope to achieve something similar to this remix of Otherside by the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

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